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On October 25, 2013
Last modified:January 22, 2015


Couldn't believe how well our carpets turned out. We had a huge stain from a red wine a friend spilled. We have been covering it up with our area rug for the pass 3 months as I thought we had no chance in getting it out

Todd’s Pro Kleen is a owner/operator company that prides it self on work ethic and delivering great results. With over 20 years of experience we know what customers expect and choose to go above and beyond.

We are not simply another Boise carpet cleaning company, While many Boise carpet cleaning companies are in and out. We believe in fair and reasonable rates as well as going the extra mile to ensure our work is the best. We choose to deliver the cleanest carpets possible to earn the trust of our customers and make them life time clients.

We offer up front over the phone pricing unlike many boise carpet cleaners and use the most efficient equipment and the safest chemicals. We use the best steam cleaning systems for our clients carpets known as the boxer truck mounted system, this allows us to get your carpets looking as clean as possible without leaving a sticky residue as opposed to other Boise carpet cleaners that choose to use less efficient non-truck mounted systems.

We invite you to check us out around the web or give us a call at 208-717-3977

After more than 20 years in boise working for many of the same customers we understand how important a single customer is. Without our customers we would be no where after 20 years and we understand that. We choose to treat our clients like family and this can be shown through our every day work.

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