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Your Prompt And Thorough Local Carpet Cleaning Professionals

You are at the right spot if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service that can take care of everything from dining and pet stains to dirt and grime. Todd’s Pro Kleen is an ownership company and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service. We have highly experienced cleaning technicians with state of the art equipment to tackle any stain, spot, or dirt.

You can count on us to clean every part of your home with professionalism, skill, and care. We have over 20 years of carpet and rug cleaning experience in Meridian. You cannot go wrong with our level of dedication. Give us a call right now to see how we can make your home or commercial property clean.

Cleanliness is Key to Happiness

Dirty carpets are a sign of poor maintenance and neglect whether they are at home or an office. We believe that clean surroundings make for happier people. This prompts us to get every carpet cleaning job in Donnelly, McCall, Boise, Eagle, Kuna, and Nampa completed in record time. Carpet cleaning is imperative to make your living or working space hygienic. There are several diseases that can spread because of unclean or moldy floor coverings.

With Todd’s Pro Kleen on your side, you will get a flawless and spotless cleaning that is both quick and thorough. We like to pay attention to the small things, like those pesky wine and pet stains. Get in touch with us today at 208-717-3977 to know what it will take for residential or commercial carpet cleaning Meridian.

Dedicated to Quality Service at All Times

We consider the mutual goodwill fostered through a dedication to personalized service and quality craftsmanship to be a vital ingredient of our business. We believe it is worth the additional work. This is why you can always trust us to take care of all your Boise carpet cleaning problems.

Quality is not just a word for us. At Todd’s Pro Kleen, we use only the most technologically advanced methods to complete a task. For instance, when you call us for residential or commercial carpet cleaning in Sun Valley, Donnelly, McCall or any other area, we use the boxer truck mounted system. This ensures that there is no sticky residue or pet stain left behind.

We treat every client as important. This is why you can be sure that your satisfaction will be guaranteed in our carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

At Todd’s Pro Kleen, we know that you don’t just want to have your carpets cleaned when you call a carpet cleaner Nampa. You want to protect your investment and prolong the life of your upholstery and carpet. This is why calling Todd’s Pro Kleen is a great idea. We offer several services that go above and beyond regular carpet cleaning in Meridian.

We take care of your carpet so that you don’t have to spend on getting another one before time. Our carpet cleaning and protection services include the following:

1. Interim Carpet Cleaning

Every house or workplace has certain high-traffic areas that get maximum dirt. This is where our interim carpet cleaning service comes in useful. You can extend the life of your carpet and make regular cleaning easier and faster by addressing these areas. Interim carpet cleaning Boise is less of a hassle than total cleaning and gets the job done at almost half the cost.

2. Carpet Deodorizer

If you are looking for a commercial carpet cleaner that leaves your workplace fresh and new, you have come to the right place. Carpet and upholstery cleaning Meridian can put a new shine to any office. We use professional-strength carpet cleaning deodorizers that help in neutralizing all kinds of odors. You get freedom from suspicious odors and enjoy a fresh, clean smell that you can trust when you hire us.

3. Spot Steam Carpet Cleaning

Unwanted spots, such as from wines, food, or pet accidents, require a little extra attention. We use mild yet effective spot cleaning agents to get the stain removed quickly. You don’t have to worry about any thread damage while we work our magic on pet stain removal.

4. Carpet Protection

Most carpet cleaners won’t let you on the secret to carpet protection. They want your carpets to get dirty quickly so that they get repeat business. Things work a little differently with us. We want to make sure that your space remains as clean as possible for the longest time. This is why we offer to apply a professional-strength carpet protector on your carpet and upholstery.

Our carpet cleaner and protection formula is designed to be used on carpets, furniture, and partitions. It allows them to resist spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear. The formula is safe for both people and pets and is environmentally friendly. There is no unpleasant odor to the protector, which helps in extending the life of your floor coverings.

Capable Carpet Cleaning Experts

The carpet cleaners at Todd’s Pro Kleen are fully trained to make sure that every job is completed in the best possible way in a short timeframe. We like to provide our service with a smile. You can count on the team to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilled at all times. This is just one of the ways we offer superior carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, and Sun Valley.

You can count on us to take care of everything from regular floor coverings to the more expensive rugs. We have experience in cleaning Oriental, Persian, Kilim, Karstan, and other rugs without damaging the fabric or thread.

Whether you are a new or returning client to Todd’s Pro Kleen, you can bet upon being offered:

  • Excellent customer service

  • Unique and results-oriented cleaning methods, specifically developed for problem stains

  • Prompt service

  • Free and accurate estimates

  • Detailed explanation regarding the process and turnaround times

  • Insured, reputed, and bonded professionals

  • Affordable rates

Todd’s Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning Process

These are the steps involved in a typical Meridian carpet cleaning process:

  1. Vacuuming

  2. Spot treatment and conditioning

  3. Steam cleaning or extraction

  4. Furniture shuffling and blocking

  5. Carpet cleaning

  6. Carpet protection formula

Our process is simple, straightforward and effective. We can be in and out in a fairly short span of time. It usually doesn’t take more than 3 – 4 hours for carpets to completely dry after we are done. However, in certain cases it can take up to 24 hours depending on ventilation, temperature, and humidity.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

These are a few services that we offer:

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Pet stain remover

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Organic cleaning formulas

  • Rug cleaning

  • Odor removal

  • Water damage restoration

  • Fine rug cleaning, including Orientals

Why Call Todd’s Pro Kleen?

We are usually the top service people find when looking for “carpet cleaner near me” on Google. This is because we provide the best carpet cleaning Meridian. In fact, we are one of the best carpet cleaners Kuna, and any other area this side of Boise.

These are a few reasons why you should call us for your carpet cleaning Meridian:

1. High-Tech Cleaning Solutions

We offer exceptional commercial and residential carpet cleaning, including pet stain removal Meridian. All our services are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and affordable. You cannot go wrong when you work with finest carpet cleaners Meridian. The best part is that our formulas are effective yet mild enough to not harm you, your pets, or your carpets.

2. Professional Carpet Cleaner

Sometimes, amateur hour just doesn’t cut it. Sure, you may have seen those YouTube videos on removing coffee stains from your carpet. But, why risk spoiling your carpet or making the spot bleed through. Todd’s Pro Kleen is a professional carpet cleaner Boise. We can take care of all jobs, whether big or small.

3. Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Our cleaning products are hypoallergenic. They are safe to be used around people with most allergies and those with asthma. You can depend on us when you want a clean house without exacerbating your conditions.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets are usually huge investments. They are made from quality fabrics and require protection and maintenance. Over time, a carpet may lose its luxurious look and start to look dull. You don’t need to have it replaced. You can give Todd’s Pro Kleen a call and we will try to give it the same sheen it had when it was new.

These are a few other reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned regularly:

  • Clean carpets make for a healthier environment

  • Keep away dirt, dust, and allergens

  • Increase their longevity

  • Retain the “new” look for a longer time

  • Add value to your living or workplace

The team at Todd’s Pro Kleen always uses utmost care while cleaning carpets or upholstery. We know how important your floor covering is to you. This is why we do our best to leave the carpets looking soft, fresh, clean, and supple.

How Often Should Carpets Get Cleaned?

The regularity with which carpet cleaning Meridian, ID should take place depends on a number of factors:

  • Kind of traffic the area receives

  • Whether you have pets or small kids

  • Kind of dust your property has

  • Type of fabric

You need to vacuum your carpet at least thrice a week regardless of the type of carpet you have. This will make sure that you don’t need to call professionals except for stain removal and deep cleaning. Generally, people with kids and pets are advised to call in professional Meridian carpet cleaners at least once every three months.

You can call them every six months as well if you have a no-shoe on carpeted areas in your house. Workplaces with a high amount of footfall should consider professional cleaning once every month. This will help extend the life of the carpet and keep the workplace looking like new for longer.

Understanding the Stain Removal Process

Stains and spots are a harsh reality of having carpeted surfaces. Even the most careful have the occasional spills. This is why we have devoted time and effort to come up with the perfect way to remove stains at Todd’s Pro Kleen. When we do a job, we make sure it gets done right the first time.

One of our skilled and trained team members will examine the carpet first. They will do a spot test to make sure the cleaning solution can get the job done. If everything seems right, we will proceed with the cleaning in an efficient manner. We will explain the entire process to you in detail when we come. We will also offer you an accurate estimate before proceeding with the carpet cleaning Meridian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I vacuum before the Meridian carpet cleaner crew arrives?

Light vacuuming is always recommended. However, if you don’t have the time, we will take care of pre-vacuuming. The process we use for carpet cleaning Eagle involves vacuuming the entire area before cleaning it.

How long does it take?

It takes about 20 minutes for carpet cleaners Boise to get a single room done. However, the time taken really depends on the kind of furniture that needs moving, amount of dirt and grime on the carpet, and whether spot removal is required.

Does it take long for carpet to dry after carpet cleaning Meridian?

Dry time after Meridian carpet cleaning depends on temperature, humidity, and air flow to the area. Our carpet cleaning Meridian, Idaho process ensures that carpets fully dry in about 3 to 24 hours.

Does carpet cleaning get rid of ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas may or may not get completely eliminated through carpet cleaning. We recommend having a professional exterminator take a look at your property.

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We are the best choice for you if you are looking for carpet and upholstery cleaner Meridian with a personal touch and affordable rates. Quality is our motto at Todd’s Pro Kleen. We can take care of all jobs no matter how big or small, commercial or residential. Give us a call today at 208-717-3977 if you want an experienced and

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