Our Equipment

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It is very important to consider this aspect, while selecting a carpet cleaning service. Todd’s Pro Kleen is operated and owned by the same people, and hence we are able to proudly participate in our work and keep costs to the minimum. We also buy all our chemicals in bulk, to pass on the benefits of bulk pricing to you. It is obvious that there is no other person who would want my business to succeed other than me. Hence, I make sure I deliver work of the highest quality to ensure satisfied customers call me back for more business.

It is also important to consider the equipment used by carpet cleaning services. We use the best steam cleaning system for carpets which is known as the Truck Mounted System, as opposed to the non-truck mounted system, which is not as efficient. Even though systems have similar pricing, the truck-mounted system performs a much thorough cleaning of your carpets. Secondly, another major advantage with a truck-mounted system is its enhanced capacity for water extraction from carpets, delivering much dryer and cleaner carpets.


Our truck-mounted system is the hot water extraction unit given the title of HydramasterBoxxer 421, which is one of the best models in the market today, and we have this unit in all our new vans. Apart from that, we use the best upholstery tool, HydramasterDriMaster, and the excellent Evolution wands for cleaning carpets.

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We make sure to invest in the best and latest equipment to ensure cleaner and dryer carpets for all our customers. We also use portable 360˚ DriEaz fans whenever needed at homes to quicken the drying process. An abundant amount of air can be moved in every direction with these fans.

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