Our Work


Since we own and operate Todd’s Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning Boise, we take extra care to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. From the Before and After images, you can see quite clearly what we mean by quality service. We have gained a lot of experience in cleaning even the toughest dirt on carpets, and our hands-on experience in carpet cleaning simply makes us better with each job we undertake.


We have always prided ourselves in the proficiency of our work, and hundreds of very satisfied customers are willing to vouch for our services. We always go the extra mile to make sure our job is the best, and no other carpet cleaning service can deliver better results than we can. Since inception, our motto has been to deliver the cleanest carpets and upholstery possible, and earn the trust of our customers.


To ensure the best carpet cleaning services we do not scrounge on making costly investments, and we purchase the latest and most efficient equipment and materials. We always measure our returns in terms of customer satisfaction rather than figures on a balance sheet. Todd’s Pro Kleen also believes in delivering services at the most reasonable rates. Even though we buy the best materials, we always select bulk purchases if we can to ensure we obtain the highest and most distinct discounts, which we pass down to our customers by charging lower rates.

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